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Total Intimacy: A Guide to Loving by Color by Doug Rosenau

Total Intimacy: A Guide to Loving by Color by Doug Rosenau

SKU: B0008

TOTAL INTIMACY and loving by color can inspire a rich, vibrant sex life! Loving by color beautifully creates a picture of marital love reflective of God’s true design---a balanced, complete intimacy that fosters play, trust, communication, anticipation, laughter, and sexual fulfillment. Couples can intentionally practice and integrate each of the colors that represent a crucial category of loving intimacy. All three colors combine to kindle the synergy of Total Intimacy and an exciting marriage with amazing lovemaking. The colors include: the Green intimacy of a bonding intimate companionship; the Purple intimacy of coupling as sensuous, romantic lovers with much flirting; and the Orange intimacy of erotic playmates and passionate lovemaking. A primary purpose of Total Intimacy: A Guide to Loving by Color was to rebuild sexual intimacy after the trauma of sexual abuse or infidelity---to transform blocked or disappointing lovemaking into a richly satisfying experience. The book also encourages wives to find their own sexual voice, as they embrace their unique female desire for sexual connecting. In addition, it is a great read for reigniting a sex life grown stale or adding sparks to an already fun and fulfilling love life.

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